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The Fitting Room

Welcome to the Fitting Room Modern expertise in fitting is meaning that a high percentage of women are actually wearing the wrong size bra. Most often the band size of the bra is too big and the cup size to small.

It is vital to get the back band of the bra small enough to offer a firm fit. This means the weight of the bust is on the back of the bra and the shoulder straps can provide uplift.

Strangely enough, making the back of the bra tighter helps to prevent chaffing, as the bra does not ride around. Equally fitting firmly stops the bra riding up the back and taking back fat with it. Fixed tight to the upper part of the lower back on the bottom edge of the shoulder blades the bra fits well.

No more aching shoulders, red wheels on the strap lines or bad posture.

Ideally you can pop into the store for a professional fitting but if you want to shop now on line here are the modern guidelines recommended by Hidden Agenda for measuring your bra size perfectly. Remember to pull tight around under your breasts and loose around the breast edge itself

Lingerie Styling

Lingerie is more than pure aesthetic pleasure and can do more for you body than you think. It supports your bosom, improves your figure, and it can emphasize your body's strong points. With the right lingerie, you feel beautiful. A woman of the world, bursting with confidence.

For every kind of woman, the right lingerie exists to do her body justice. Let yourself be screened by an experienced lingerie stylist to find it.

A luxury for the happy few? Not any longer. These styling sessions belong to the everyday service of the lingerie specialty stores that joined the Marie Jo Styling program. You will leave the store with perfectly fitting lingerie, and an improved sense of self-confidence

We are an acredited Marie Jo and Prima Donna Lingerie Stylist, and can help you achieve the look and style you need

Size Labelling

From time to time, the size label displayed on the product you receive will differ from the exact size you ordered. This is because we sell products from all over the world to countries with different sizing conventions. 34A represents what Sophie and Grace believe the standard bra size for the product is. Label 1 or Lbl 1 is the size that you will actually see on the label of the bra. So don’t be surprised when the product arrives.

Sizing charts

UK 6-8 10-12 14-16
Cup A/B B/C C/D
Bust 32"-34" 34"-36" 36"-38"
Waist 24"-26" 26"-28" 28"-32"
Hip 34"-36" 36"-38" 38"-40"

Need Help?

If you can't find what you're looking for or need any assistance please don't hesitate to call

+44 (0) 1489 799996 or email  Sharon our Store Manager:

Opening times:

Mon - Sat: 10am to 4:30pm 

Lingerie styling

Check out what lingerie styling at Hidden Agenda is all about. We are official lingerie stylist for Marie Jo and Prima Donna.

Lingerie Styling Botley


Thank you so much to Mary Whatley for her excellent help this morning. I found I was a completely different size than expected and the help was so appreciated.

Mel, Ringwood

Hidden Agenda Lingerie

Lingerie is the foundation, quite literally of looking fantastic.

Having lingerie that is the perfect fit is critical feeling confident in what you are wearing, so why is it finding an amazing bra like finding great jeans…almost impossible? Hidden Agenda Lingerie is the answer as in our store, we are trained to focus on getting your bra to fit perfectly.