Cut Your Cloth Accordingly 100% Cotton Facemasks

Product Code: 100% cotton FFP1 filter grade

Be outdoor ready and protect those around you 

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases is an old says but never has it been more important to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other coronoviruses as we come out of lock down by wearing a face maskThe Government has this week revealed that cloth coverings should be used when social distancing is hard to maintain.
 Prime Minister Boris Johnson said face masks will be “useful” as part of measures to come out of lockdown.
During his daily briefing last Thursday, he revealed: “What I think Sage [the government’s scientific advisory group] is saying, what I certainly agree with, is that as part of coming out of the lockdown, I do think face coverings will be useful.

“Both for epidemiological reasons but, also, for giving people confidence that they can go back to work.”

Our nightwear factory in Poland has repurposed and are now using their skills to make these facemasks

  • 100% cotton reducing allergy risk
  • Eco friendly as these are washable at 60 degrees and are safe in the tumble dryer.  The detergent in the wash and the temperature kill coronovirus, just like washing your hands
  • The FFP grade 1 polypropylene filter is removable and washable with antibacterial 
  • The fit is comfortable and tight to the face maximising the protection of others for this grade of mask
  • Made in Poland this comes from a different source than medical grade PPE used and required by the NHS and frontline so does not drain their resources

£7.99 for one with filter, £7.50 for multiples

Childrens available at £4.50 without filter and £5 with filter

Wearing this grade of facemask protects others and DOES NOT replace social distancing or washing hands.  Please follow government and WHO guidelines

Supplied with link to WHO guidelines and washing instructions



Colours: Black, Blue, Floral, Natural, Navy, Peach

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