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Do I need to make an appointment at Hidden Agenda for a fitting?

Normally an appointment at Hidden Agenda is necessary to ensure everyone's comfort and allow us the time to give you individual time and focus.  Please visit the Request a Fitting page of the site to book

If you are collecting goods, or dropping off bra bank donations an appointment is not necessary

It may be possible to pop into Hidden Agenda at short notice without an appointment.  You are welcome to call ahead and discuss if this is possible on 01489 799996

PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US, WE REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR UNDERSTANDING IF WE NEED TO ASK YOU TO WAIT.  An appointment system doesn't mean that the door isn't open, but we will give ladies with an appointment priority 

How can I shop with Hidden Agenda if I don't want to try things on or visit the store?

We are doing facetime fittings for customers who prefer not to visit the shop, we will assist you with measuring and fit by eye via the screen.  We will then advise on what you should purchase and send it to you FOC.

Alternatively we have our customer records of your previous purchases so can always refer to this and offer your advice on the perfect bra for you based on this information.  Many of our best sellers are available to repurchase, and we can always supply these for you, please contact us for more information.  There will be a cost charge for P&P

We are allowing any distance purchases or goods bought in store that are not tried on to be returned within 14 days for a refund-terms and conditions apply, this does not effect your statutory rights

What can I expect when I first wear my new bra?

A properly fitted bra will give your breasts support from the band of the bra which is essential for the health of your breasts and long-term comfort.  It is likely we have advised you on this, and you have experienced the benefits during your fitting, however it may mean that your new bra feels very different than anything you have worn recently. 

It will feel firm for the first few days of wearing whilst you get used to the fit, it’s like a new pair of walking shoes, it takes some time to ‘wear in’.  Please don’t be concerned by this, the fitting of the bra is correct and in the long term you will feel much more comfortable and supported than in your old bra.  

Our advice is:


1.     Expect the bra to feel ‘tighter’ than you are used to. This is a good thing, it is supporting you in the right places, the wire is held in the correct position, and your breasts are lifted so there is no strain on your shoulders or the ligaments.  Elastic is designed to 'grip' your body and enables the bra to support you from the band.  This is good for your shoulders, back and breasts

2.     Whilst you are wearing it in, you may choose to take it off after a few hours.  Don’t be perturbed, pop it on again the next day.  After two or three days you will just feel comfortable and wear it easily all day

3.     It is ok to hand wash the product during this time to allow it to ‘loosen’ a little, although you do not want it to stretch lots as it will become too big and become unsupportive and uncomfortable

4.     People are not plastic mannequins. Stretch products, socks, jeans, bras etc do indent the skin in order for them to do their job. Therefore, marking of the skin is normal, so if you experience this it doesn’t mean the bra is the wrong size or doing you harm, in fact it is offering your breast tissue support that is beneficial.  You might experience this with a sports bra in particular.  There is a difference between normal marking and soreness. Obviously if the bra is making you ‘sore’ this is not appropriate, and you should not wear it again until your skin has recovered. 

5. Ensure you pull the back of the bra down so that it is horizontal with the base of your breasts at the front.  This will be much lower than you are used to and so you will feel the support for a while.  

We will want to check the fit of the bra if you experience long term soreness

Will you price match?

Hidden Agenda will be offering a price match facility, so if you see a product you would like to purchase from us somewhere else cheaper prior to your purchase tell us and we will price match.  Terms and conditions apply, contact us for more information 

Why can I not purchase directly online from Hidden Agenda?

We find that due to different sizing, fabrics, shapes etc, it is almost impossible to buy lingerie online that fits properly.  We like to offer good old fashioned customer service and fitting advice with your purchase so a visit to the shop is usually an investment in time worth making.  If you live a long way away, or know what you need specifically then by all means give us a call or send us an email and we can help via the post, next day if the item is in stock.  Call us on 01489 799996 or use the contact us page info to email or chat to us!

How can I find out about sales and special offers?

You can subscribe to our email database by sending us your email address.  We will email you when we have any special offers, but will not bother you with other unnecessary information or share your email with any other third party.  Alternatively you can like us on Facebook where we post news and offers regularly.

Our Service, Terms and Conditions-a brief overview

We follow consumer rights in our terms and conditions but would point out the following as important considerations.  These terms and conditions do not effect your statutory rights 

The Fitting

We offer a fitting service with integrity to help support your boobs and your buying decision. 

We are professionally trained and offer independent advice on style and fitting with integrity, and the intent to support your buying decision We use our expertise to help advise on a product that we expect to work for you. We have years of experience and spend a significant time in the fitting room discussing your needs. However we cannot accept resposibiltiy for your decision to select goods, and therefore this is entirely at our discretion to exchange goods on the grounds of fit. 

Buying a product from us accompanied by our advice is not a 'try before you buy' service, so please be sure that you love the product you are purchasing and feel confident that the fitting advice is something you believe will work for you


We do not offer cash refunds for unwanted goods.  However items can be returned for exchange within 14 days of purchase as long as they are unworn, in perfect condition and with the original tags attached.  You should also have your original receipt. 

Faulty Goods

Standard consumer legal terms and conditions apply. We must point out that goods are not faulty on the grounds of fit, and cannot be returned for exchange or refund on this basis. However if a material fault has occured which is not due to missuse, or machine washing, we will offer a repair or replacement item.


As products are ordered specifically for you, often in a style, size or colour we do not stock, and we are unable to return special orders to our manufacturers, we reserve the right to refuse cancellation of orders and the request for a refund. We will offer exchange and credit against the order in the event the product is unsatisfactory as a gesture of good will. Please discuss this with us at the point of placing an order if you are concerned

 How do I know my size?

Go to our Fitting Room and we will take you through accurate measuring that we would recommend you use when ordering bras from Hidden Agenda. If you know your size in a particular brand however you should be able to rely on this, but please be aware that sizes vary from brand to brand so measuring is the best policy

If you need answers to any questions that are not listed above, just send us an email and we'll do our best to answer them.

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