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Sunflair swimwear is guaranteed to ‘wow’ you with its varied and eye catching style. Not only are their range of swimwear and cover-ups attractive, they are particularly good for women who take a bigger than average size. The body sizes go from 36-56 and the cup sizes range from A-H.

Sunflair’s aim to combine functionality and fashion has worked perfectly and as a result you will see a wide selection of items that are beautiful in colour, made from quality fabrics and are second to none as far as design and fit are concerned. Known for superior fit and the highest quality of fabrics, Sunflair swimwear is flattering, functional and fabulous! Browse Sunflair ranges here to find your perfect swimsuits, bikinis and beach accessoriesSunflair is a German made brand that has puts so much into its fashion designs, hiring an incredible team of people to bring creativity to their collection. But many designers who do this don't put much into the quality of the construction of their swimwear or concentrate on fit and variety. But Sunflair are able to do both, and they do them both so very well. They are one of the few designers that manages to do this without compromise and or without sacrificing the quality of the rest of their range.

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