What can I expect wearing my new bras?

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A properly fitted bra will give your breasts support from the band of the bra which is essential for the health of your breasts and long-term comfort.  It is likely we have advised you on this, and you have experienced the benefits during your fitting, however it may mean that your new bra feels very different than anything you have worn recently. 

It will feel firm for the first few days of wearing whilst you get used to the fit, it’s like a new pair of walking shoes, it takes some time to ‘wear in’.  Please don’t be concerned by this, the fitting of the bra is correct and in the long term you will feel much more comfortable and supported than in your old bra.  

Our advice is:


1.     Expect the bra to feel ‘tighter’ than you are used to. This is a good thing, it is supporting you in the right places, the wire is held in the correct position, and your breasts are lifted so there is no strain on your shoulders or the ligaments.  Elastic is designed to 'grip' your body and enables the bra to support you from the band.  This is good for your shoulders, back and breasts

2.     Whilst you are wearing it in, you may choose to take it off after a few hours.  Don’t be perturbed, pop it on again the next day.  After two or three days you will just feel comfortable and wear it easily all day

3.     It is ok to hand wash the product during this time to allow it to ‘loosen’ a little, although you do not want it to stretch lots as it will become too big and become unsupportive and uncomfortable

4.     People are not plastic mannequins. Stretch products, socks, jeans, bras etc do indent the skin in order for them to do their job. Therefore, marking of the skin is normal, so if you experience this it doesn’t mean the bra is the wrong size or doing you harm, in fact it is offering your breast tissue support that is beneficial.  You might experience this with a sports bra in particular.  There is a difference between normal marking and soreness. Obviously if the bra is making you ‘sore’ this is not appropriate, and you should not wear it again until your skin has recovered. 

5. Ensure you pull the back of the bra down so that it is horizontal with the base of your breasts at the front.  This will be much lower than you are used to and so you will feel the support for a while.  

We will want to check the fit of the bra if you experience long term soreness

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