The Biggest Bra Nightmare?

26 May

Do you come in through the door at night with just one thing on your mind….”how much longer before I can get this bra (thing of torture) off?”  If you do, then it is almost certain you are wearing the wrong size or shape bra for you, but don’t worry the styling experts at Hidden Agenda are here to help.  Here are a few of the problems (and how to fix them).


It isn’t the straps of your bra that do the hoisting or carry the weight of your boobs!  So if you have red marks on your shoulders at the end of the day, or worst still permanent indents in your shoulders from years of bra wearing, you are definitely in the wrong size.  The swath of elastic that runs around your body is where the weight should be carried. 

If this is too roomy, then, in all honesty, your bra is more like a bag hanging from your shoulders and you will suffer pain and discomfort.  We would probably recommend dropping a back size or two and up-ing the cup size.  Try it, it’s not the road to back fat or rubbing, it will lift and support you and you will see and feel a difference.


Everything starts well in the morning….and as the day wears on the girls make an escape and suddenly there are more than there should be at the party!!!  This happens to most of us and is definitely the sign of the wrong size.  The remarkable thing is that bras are engineering, and it makes sense that if the back is too loose around you it will ride up.  If it rides up, it takes your back fat with it (your worst nightmare-boobs on your back!) and therefore it goes down at the front and you literally spill out.  Happens to us all, small cups…big cups, no matter!!  A change from the 34D you’ve worn for years to maybe a 30E will fix the problem.  It is a firm fit at the beginning, but after a couple of days wearing your new boobs in, you will get compliments and feel amazingly comfortable.  


If your bra is kind of comfy when you put it on, then as the day wears on it gets ‘tight’, or the wire digs and rubs…guess what, wrong size again, and possibly wrong shape too.  We are all different, we all have different shaped boobs and nobody is symmetrical.  It isn’t easy to get the right fit, but trying different shapes can really help.  

If the bra rubs, what do you do…..face the fear and buy a bigger one, blaming ‘must have put on a bit of weight’.  Trouble is sometimes that makes the discomfort worse, so back to the department store and up a back size again!  I promise you this is the wrong thing to do, now it is likely you are wearing a bra that simply doesn’t support you, and probably rides up, gaps at the front and doesn’t fit anything.  If it rubs, you are likely to need a smaller back size and bigger cup!  Try this, you will love it when suddenly your boobs make an appearance and a cleavage!!!

So often we wear the same size we bought when we were 20 and resort to a bland nude t-shirt bra every time.  We tell ourselves it doesn’t matter, and wear the white bra until it is grey and the nude one until it is black.  Sure, everyone needs a great t-shirt bra, but why are there balconette, balcony, push up, sports, vertical seam, full cup, plunge, strapless, and more on the market if we are meant to take the ‘one bra fits all approach’.  We advise a bra fitting every six months, weight changes, hormones, pregnancy, menopause, and aging, all change our boobs, so invest in getting it right every time.  Your lingerie is the foundation of how you look, it’ll never work building the house on a weak foundation, so make the most of what you have and feel fabulous.     

Please call our lingerie fitting experts at Hidden Agenda anytime to discuss your bra problems, we promise we CAN help and there is almost certainly advice that will make a difference.  You can write to us on the blog for impartial advice too…. 

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